Monday, August 22, 2011

share some moments.

i wish i can buy a camera..
so i can take more and more beautiful pics.
these are some pics taken with my 3.0mp phone camera.

my new mouse..i only love the colour + there is my name 'non' just at above side of mouse .

my cute little kuma

first time naek cable highland!

snow in genting highland..hehe ^_^

a moment when i'm alone 'tersesat' dan 'terlanjur' di lrt kolumpur...

here i have to change platform actually, but i'm not..

at last i reach terminal bersepadu selatan..kl view from jejantas tbs at 10pm.

since a few days left before all of us left utp for internship,
here are some pictures of village five.
where almost 2 years, we stay at the village.

beautiful side of v5k
rainbow after the rain ^_^
entrance to village 5k.
night view of full moon from v5k ^_^
☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


Anonymous said...

smua mood nk tacing2 dkat intern nih...

siti hasanah said...

haha..sedih tinggal utp untuk 8 bulan.

Anonymous said...

ala...tggl 8 bln pon..still dok ngan mmber2 tyme intern..ok la tuh

siti hasanah said...

tak jugak..area jauh dgn kwn2.. xpela.. lpas 8 bulan jumpe lagi..