Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Thought and Note to Myself

lately macam asyik touching je sedih2, poyo2, jiwang2 je,
mungkin sebab musim hujan kot..tu jadik gitu..
sensitif semacam je.. bajek macam cinderella je yang kene pakse wat keje kan. 
pastu kene dera ngan mak tiri..fuh2

 there will be a moment where i lost momentum and energy.
i felt gloomy, lack and tired of everythings.
that's normal, coz i'm human, i got mixed feeling.
my patience got its limit.
my courage can be disappear in a second.
my tears can be as much as the water in a jug.
not all the time i felt so plus2 motivated..
i tried hard to be as positive as possible.
take anything as experience.
absorb good values from time to time.
but at the end, i'm not able to preserve & maintain that so 'motivated' and 'positive' thought.

everyday, with laziness and heartless  I woke up from sleep.
struggling hard to fight my negative minded *malas nye, bosan nye nak g keje.
negative  thought will alwez makes me lazy, bored, and stress.
it took me more than 10 minutes just to set up my mind to so 'motivated mode'.
sure, i'm assuming myself like a robot =.="

We cannot change the direction of the wind,
but we can adjust our sail to reach destination 
- Unknown

I love the quote where I found it last semester.
Sometime in life, there are things uncontrollable from our side.
Nearest example is internship, yep, as a uni student, internship is compulsory.
Yes or no you should bear with it ,
coz u don't have an authority or power to change the fact.
As long as u had desire to graduated and hold the bachelor degree script, then internship is a MUST!

It might be challenging, tough, boring or watsoever we kept on our mind. 
but all of us want to be excellent, wanna do well in the internship. that's our goal.
so what choice do we had?
either keep complaining everyday and give up.
Or be positive, keep learning and gain as many experiences as possible.
It depends on us, which choice do we make and decide.
and definitely the choice will influence our thought, behaviour and attitude towards the internship.


To put all in simple way, goal is a direction and our choice is like a sail.
Then, make a good choice to reach our goal ^_^
so we can adjust the sail to reach the direction.


this way I decide every day where I wish i can stay motivated and strong.
Up until the last day of the journey.

on the other note:
I'm going home next ^_^
I'm tired zzzzzzzzzzzz

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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