Monday, February 13, 2012


so the entry for tonight is all about 'promise'
i wonder why i wonder how..bla..bla..bla..lagu ape ntah yang ade lirik ni..erkk ade ke?
as i pass to an adult phase, i met lot and lot of new peoples and friends, and laki ensem..winkwinkwink
also, i remembered my old friends,
some of the these people make a promise to me, then the promise broken.
should i blame them? it hurts somehow, coz btw u build a hope that someone never imagine of..
then again u the same person broke the promise.
to think positively, maybe kita pernah buat orang, then the same things happen to us!

so, i really wanna say,
does promise made to be broken?
someone claim promise is like a baby,woaaa baby ! it easy to be made, but hard to deliver!

so, anda, janganlah ngada nak berjanji manis semanis madu kalo agak2 tak mampu nak tunaikan!
dan kepada anda yg dijanji, expect less from people ^^

keep our promises!

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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