Sunday, December 9, 2012

birthday celebration 2012

Thanks to dino, ika, fiza n fatin.
we had awesome birthday celebration for 2012.
as 2012 nearly come to an end,
lets make the memories retain in our deepest heart..mehmehmeh

here is some pictures i wanna share
to my friends.

the first birthday celebration is belong to syafiza on last august.
after kerek2 krik2 krok2 take lots of pictures,

focus pada bekground

jeng jeng jeng here is the cake and the birthday girl.
(muke paling bahagia letewww)

super duper rainbow cakes ordered from staf dalam utp..nyum2 :D


now lets move to second birthday girl.
on october.
but we celebrate it two three days late.

a must place for photograpi during convo.

strawberry cheese..nyumy2

muke bahagia fatin bile kawan2 belikan kek:P

pre-eating picture.

look at their faces.
muke bahagia lepas makan kek..fat-fat belaka..hihi


ok last birthday celebration for this year.
is dino.
black forest kek.

paling suka gambar ni !

birthday kek dino rm 63 king.
dengar tu dino rm63..keh3

dino yang malu2 ayam nak potong kek.

masing masing bajek muda .

family  pictures.

lastly not forgetting.
muke bahagia dino dapat kek blekforest yang diidam selama nih.
hehe kasik besar siket gambaq nye

as 2012 going to end soon,
let the good memories retain, forgive and forget the bad one. 
xoxo (*bajet istanbul aku datang leteww)

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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