Saturday, March 16, 2013

another one month and suku

ce ce ce patnya mase berlalu.
ingat dulu mase foundation je.
tup tup da 2013.
semoga Allah permudah urusan graduasi kami.

in this one month and suku.
still got lot jobs to do..hewhewheww.

the one that coming super soon is pre-sedex.
10 marks contribute to the final grade..
yabida time to play.. ewahhh..

once all list checked, we will be graduating..muahahaha.
when the time comes.
boleh la jengjoget mak ilai ilai.
no more exam, assignment, test, project, class...huaaaaa \.// \./


saiko kejap..hehe

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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