Friday, July 22, 2011

get well soon.

i can't sleep..
my eyes hurt me much.
can it be the reas0n?
or because of nescafe that i drink 2 hours ag0?
i'am nescafe addicter..
i can't help myself to avoid d bad habit.

it is weird..
already 1:30 am, I still not sleep..
usually, at this time, 
I already in a dream married with some0ne..
ya, lately i keep dreaming of marriage
no! i never thought of marriage at this age.
i don't even know that 'someone' in my dream.

my hurt..
please get well soon, little eye.
I really want to sleep well..
so that, I able to meet that 'someone'..
just ignore.. it only a dream..

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


tiefazatie said...

kurang nescafe la cmtue..
ifa dh xleh minum nie..nt sakit pale..padahal masa sklh addicted gle!haha

siti hasanah said...

hehe..tapi nescafe sedap! :)