Friday, July 22, 2011

never skip breakfast again

hello readers,

people thinks that if they skip breakfast,
then they will lose their weight..
no, it never successful if you had such idea.

why breakfast?
breakfast is the most important meal of course!
studies show that students who take breakfast 
tend to perform well on tests/exam..
so why must skip?
of course we want d best result on tests.

people who take breakfast tend to have healthy weight.
if you take breakfast, you will maintain a good energy during d day.
not only that, trust me.
you will not consume more for lunch if u take breakfast..

so, the coming ramadhan..
hasanah, dont skip your sahur..
at least having a cup of nescafe..
again? nescafe.. should be nestum wif cereal
may be i should use nescafe cup.
but with nestum drinks inside it..


☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


tiefazatie said...

bekpes la yg penting..hee..

siti hasanah said...

betul 2 sis :)