Friday, September 16, 2011

home sweet home

finally i'm home..haha same goes to other friends.
i arrived home on tuesday only I have time to update my blog.
on wednesday, mom took me to clinic as I have a bad sore throat and loss my voice.
why now? plus during tech dinner I talked less coz it hurt to force myself speak when I can't.
okay,let's not talk about dinner.

I went to clinic and met a doctor of course. As usual the doctor ask what kind of sickness do I have,
Can I say doctor is the easiest job in the earth?..haha..NO la!
What make me bengang is when the doctor ask me to 'dongak'.. but it took me 2 seconds to dongak.
i guess it is normal cause I had a bad sore throat and quite 'lampi' at the moment.
then the doctor said 'hai xfaham bahase melayu ke orang cakap dongak dongak lah'.
i don't know why he get mad. As a doctor who has to deal with a patients, he should be calm.
if not, don't be a doctor la. You choose that career then u deserve la to deal with a lot of sick people.
gaji nak besar, pastu buat keje xikhlas..peerah! bom2
I should say that for customer service, he should get zero.

okay, till we meet for the next post.
salam syawal :)

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


Mawar berduri said...

huhu sabar jela erk .. jgn mrh2 nti lambat sihat .. :) doc tu ade masalah kot .. tu yg angin semcm time kje, isk2 x patot2 .. huhu

^^, senyum sllu ea =)

dya said...

mybe... u should give him/her an advice... hehehe...

siti hasanah said...

hehe..xpela..doktor tu baru pas gadoh ngan bini kot..eehe