Monday, September 12, 2011


morning world..i guess i need to start write in English.. YES,i have to.
since all my final papers are done, now I start to feel bored to death.
hanging in front of lappy with nothing to do but keep stalking people either in blogs or fb.
doing the same things again and again.

I start to pack my belongings..not really much.
Only about a luggage after I throw away lots of things! aisy
plus during hari raya, I came to UTP with family to collect my things. 
 we were visit our relatives in Manjung and sleepover at homestay seri iskandar.

Nothing much to write actually. Just wish a happy hari raya.
Maaf Zahir Batin. I guess it is not too late right?
here is a picture of my family.

talking about hari raya.. let me talk  a bit about maaf zahir batin.
it only cross to my mind recently..
some people [i guess most all] might take the maaf zahir batin words
as tradition which actually not really seek for forgiveness.
somehow, actually maaf zahir batin are necessary as we might be intentionally or unintentionally hurt others.
when you say maaf zahir batin make sure it sincerely came from your heart.
never take it as an empty word!
there are mistakes and wrongdoing that we can ask forgiveness from ALLAH.
but for wrongdoings that we commit towards human, we need to sincerely say sorry to them.

Lets read some more : source : tazkirah syawal

Hal itu dinyatakan dalam hadis Rasulullah SAW daripada Anas bin Malik yang bermaksud:
“Kezaliman itu terbahagi kepada tiga. Pertama kezaliman tidak diampunkan Allah. Kedua kezaliman diampunkan Allah dan ketiga kezaliman yang Allah tidak ikut campur dalam hal itu. Kezaliman tidak diampunkan Allah adalah syirik. Kezaliman diampunkan Allah adalah dosa manusia ke atas dirinya dan tuhannya. Kezaliman yang Allah tidak ikut campur adalah dosa di antara manusia dengan manusia, sehingga mereka menyelesaikannya terlebih dulu.”

Allah tidak akan mengampunkan dosa seorang hamba kepada hamba yang lain sebelum kedua belah pihak menyelesaikan permasalahan mereka terlebih dulu. Jika tidak, pada akhirat nanti mereka akan saling menuntut balas dan membayar dosa dengan kebaikan atau memindahkan dosa orang dizalimi kepada yang menzalimi.

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