Sunday, October 30, 2011

bad vs goods of the internship

it's already a month. YES,a month of internship..
a lot n lots of things that I learnt from the one month period.
more or less it's just a wonderful, unforgettable, nightmare experiences? haha

alrite just skip the bad part for the moment..
good things are I learnt lots of things that I  never learnt before.
Not really applied the skills plus knowledge that I gained from my studies.
Just a bit, maybe too little of it -- argh countless.
is it a good or bad point? never mind, just consider it as good.

Be prudent and don't shy to ask,
yes, I'm a shy person, reluctant to ask questions even I don't even understand.
yup, it was my big mistake!
I'm in progress to change the habit..need to remove all the unnecessary shy. [ wait for the new me..kakaka]
*don't 'bajek' terer coz u will end up as blur and clueless person~

Then, mingle around.
u should know how to socialize with peoples esp your project team members.
Talk to them, never waited for others to start first.
and lastly be superb proactive,
wanna know why, they have very high expectation to u,
thus, be active, never afraid to learn and try new things.
plus dont wait to be instructed.
Try to do new tasks and asks if you do not understand.
the only superb bad thing about internship is i lost my free time..
i miss the moments i skipped classes just to make sure i have long holiday.
i miss the moments when i get up late when no morning classes.
miss the moments when i just use slipper, shirts and jeans going to classes.
miss alabama, bakso, ayam bob..
miss the swimming pool.
miss my dear friends~
miss everything about utp..zzzzz

ps: yeah i'm coming home on the coming weekend! selamat hari raye haji~
* be positive, have no stress, and eat chocolate :)

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


miszya said...

u noe what..experiences is a best teacher^^

siti hasanah said...

hehe yup2..sis