Wednesday, October 26, 2011

women and jealousy

mr. sarjit told us before, women wears prettily to impress men and OTHER WOMEN.
i'm a woman n i personally agree that woman will get attracted to other beautiful woman..
it's not like u are fall for her, but it's kind of jealous feeling to see others prettier than u..
[but for me, i get more attracted to see a handsome plus cool guys..wink2..haha]

it's all about appearance i guess..lets took one example ^_^


"ehhhh sumtime i just hate when someone * a woman see me from top to toe..
i know my clothes are cheaper plus messy..
but but but..stop comparing mine with urs la!
hep, get lost with ur' bajek cantik' expression!
sorry i know u are pretty and perfect enough just to make men fall for you..
i dont care *dont even care how many men will fall for u * owh none of my business."
[nie contoh jek!]

haha i guess all women hate to be compared, but the truth is we secretly love to compare
ourselves with others in term of i rite?
stop with that thought! plus just be yourself!
bear in mind ---> "i'm no beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me" (selena gomez, from "who says")

but do u think beauty will last forever?
no, yep a big big N0!
have a good hearts, at the same time care for ur appearances.
it doesn't matter if you are not using branded expensive thingy.
just make sure it is tidy and comfortable plus not weird *like lady gaga costume.
the most important thing is, it covers ur aurah..
talking abOut aurah, women, beware with your scarfs..
it's okay if u wanna wear lip lap shawls or watsoever..
but keep in mind that u should cover ur chest.. wanna know how?

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


lala said...

bgs...jgn expek laki akn terpikat juz pada appearance je...klu ade gak, bnd tu x akn tahan lama..caya la...juz be urself n hold to ur belief

siti hasanah said...

yup2..a reminder to myself to cover aurah properly ^_^