Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#3 weekend

too late to update about the 3rd weekend of internship
coz it's already in week 4.. =.="
nothing special, but on last weekend i went to giant
the giant is inside amcorp mall..*nearest shopping mall
but still need to take a bus.
bought some junk foods..ahh again?
i should stop d habit.. but it seems to be a vain dream~
so better for me to stop dreaming~

then on sunday i went to digital mall..haha a new brand mall * first time heard.
wished to buy lappy bag - nak bawak lappy company yg berat =.="..
my housmet advice me to go there rather than low yat..
so why? coz it is nearest la..
orite, there a lot of computer, lappy , e gadget, mp3, camera, mouse and bla3 are sold at the cheapest price.
seriously murah tak tipu! wanna know more, click here

google image of the digital mall~

i compared the price of sony mp3 2gb..
there, u can get that mp3 at 120rm only but in jb the price is 159rm..haaaa see..
my sis just bought that mp3 at skudai johor last week..
then she start regretting bla3 when i told her about digital mall..haha..

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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