Sunday, October 2, 2011

yeah, i start to love kl

today is great.
i mean the weather in PJ oldtown.
not too hot. not rainy as well.
i started my day with smile and hope.
giant of hope that everything will be okay.

keep worrying will never solve problems.
give it a try, that what I do.
I walked to Terminal Jalan Otman [pj oldtown].
it located just a few minute walk from my rent-house.
feeling nervous, I'm blur which bus should I take as there are using number system..
haha, plus I don't know where I would heading to.

I just took t505 bus.
One more thing, all rapidkl bus are no longer using cash fare.
they are using a touch n go card called 'KAD RABBIT'..comel giler..haha
i don't have that card, so I just bought it inside the bus..

Thanks to the driver for guiding and helping me deal with that so rabbit card.
i guess kl are so sophisticated and of course it's technologies is way better than other states.
i'm glad to be here..feeling like I'm in UK. wewwew.
Having an internship in KL is not a bad idea!

before, i'm a skeptical person where i hate kl from top to bottom from side to side.
i thought everything was expensive.
But after shopping for few things at 'kedai runcit; and buy meal for lunch.
i feel i'm still at tronoh or jb.
'tak mahal mane pon..cuma may be some of the stalls or restaurants charge higher price about rm1 higher.'
plus everything are so efficient here esp their transportation.

so for the next seven month, I have to be more efficient in manage my salary..wewwe
and be independent woman~
hope my love toward kl will grow and blossom from day to day..hak3.

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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