Monday, February 11, 2013

fyp saya

my final year project require me to:

1) design physical book which have two part.
storytelling part and alphabet part.
since there are 26 letters; thus it means 
the book will have 26 pages for alphabets
and 26 pages of storytelling part.
total : 52 pages.

2) develop 3d models.

i remembered the first time master students asked me.
what extension you use for 3d models?
fbx, max, 3ds? what?
mihmihmih.. i answered not sure yet. anything that applicable for software 3d unity. maybe
aghhhhh: the inside me answered: wehhhh , i never heard fbx, max 3ds. what the chicken are that.

ok, another tasks, create 3d models use blender software.
26 models for 26 alphabets.

*the process of create 3d objects

3)combine this two in unity 3d + vuforia extension and eclipse.

another thing unity 3d.
what the crocodile is that.
even me got problems to install the software.
zzzzzzzzzzz noobybaby again.
require me to play with x y z.
some c# and java programming.
and beblabla.

the project is basically simple.
nothing big. Please jangan ingat projek ni gempak, siriusly it simple.
yes it is.
try asking anyone who mastered in augmented reality.
they would say. 
this is simplest project.
but seriously for me, the nooby baby.
lot to learn within this two months.
lots tu banyak sangat.

here the preview of my testing product..
which i tried using my tablet.
the testing is to ensure that i can proceed with the project.
* at that time, i oredi said to my own self, if fail the testing part then tukar tajuk fyp*

my final product will be the physical alphabets books, and android apps for augmented reality.
i need to seriously working on this two.
wish me for the best.

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


~iNaMoRaTa~ said...

chaiyok chicken beb....mari berpeluh beramai ramai wat fyp chicken nieh hehehe

nana said...

hihihihi! mari2 berciken!