Wednesday, February 6, 2013

something that we miss

that's not something that i, we, us should be proud of.
like seriously.

tell the world i love you.


 who are you?

but who are you?
bakal imam saya. with super fluttering heart. sambil gulung gulung rambut.


this is something that i , we, us overlooked at.
we miss the part.
we love to show off to public, facebook twitter insta PROUDLY.

we let the whole world know,
we have someone super special.
" aku ada kapel, ko hadee jahhhh?"
" i love you half dead" eh separuh mati half dead ke? ngihi

with or without realizing:

we are actually, simply, sadly, badly,

"Proud of committing sins"

yes once again. we are actually "proud of committing sins".

perbuatan yang seolah olah mengisytiharkan aib dan dosa kita,
memberitahu semua orang
*contoh - hai u olss, saya dating dengan pakwe *wahid ni!
atau indirect translation nya :
" hai u olls, saya buat dosa ni" 

What sins?

Why? why why why?
Couple is haram. fullstop.

then what?
you still proud of having couple?

some might say yes, but some might say no..

there are nothing to be proud of having someone special.
so if you don't have one,
remember, at least you are not put yourself near zina.


to write this kind of post,
i'm nothing.
unfortunately, i'm doing nothing.
that's what i regret.
the most.

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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