Saturday, February 2, 2013

the reason i'm blogging

there are stories i would love to share.
but most of the times, i'm super bad at expressing my feeling.
yes i'm not really good in expressing my stories, feeling and heart gitu.
not every single person loves to listen to our stories.
thus, it better kept this way.

besides, i'm a shy-shy chicken person.
yeah i am.
there are words that were left unspoken.
which i prefer to express it here. ewah.

plus, only few know and care to read my humble blog.
but still, never mind.
i write it from my deepest heart.
all the words is not purposely for them. 
just kind of simple note of my life.
so that one day when i returned to the old-est posts of the blog.
it will remind me of all those memories.
good or bad.
all them had taught me the different chapters of life.
that makes me " siti hasanah " in the future.


p/s : Blog is a static good listener. So, I won't stop blogging.

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺

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