Friday, July 29, 2011

final decision

i received the email yesterday;
i wonder where UK is located in world map.
i only know that it is located somewhere in Europe.

Acid rain in Europe (map/graphic/illustration)

it was somewhere to the west of European continents.
i wonder again, is it the best decision I'd made?
yes, i already made up my mind.
two weeks ago;
I'd signed with the company in KL.[of course Malaysia].

when I went home, my uncle tell me this
" just go for oversea internship, it is a chance!"
then my mother tell me this
"think carefully; make your best decision."
i love  my mom, she understands me.
sometime people can say this and that;
but they don't really know and care what we feel.

everyone wants the best for their own sake.
same goes to me and same goes to my friends.
but one thing.
when you had make your final decision.
stand on your own view.
never look back and never regrets!
never be influenced on what people will say.
believe in yourself.

I keep pray to Allah,
I don't ask Him to give me the company and the company;
I only ask Him to show me and decide what is the best for me..
with that, i come out with my final decision.
Internship with  Accenture.
I trust Allah had decide what is the best for me;

☺☺ .mine. ☺☺


syafiza said...

awak awak, xpe2. setiap berlaku ada hikmahnya! hehe~

siti hasanah said...

hehe ye awak..saye juge pikir begitu..haha ^_^

tiefazatie said...

wah..xpe2..pasti ada hikmah ye kan2..all da best!

siti hasanah said...

thanks sis! :)